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Hi Julie

I featured The Beast on TV Monday 2/8 on Good Morning San Diego as part of my Healthy Back segment. The Video is at the Front Page of my site. It looked and showed great on TV! Thanks so much again for working with me and I wish you all the best! Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology ( America’s Best-Built Technology & Fitness Television Personality

Bruce regularly appears on: KTLA Morning Show, Los Angeles (10 Million Household Reach) Good Morning San Diego (KUSI-TV) Fox 5 San Diego (KSWB-TV)


Wanted to say that I got the belt in today. I was more than impressed and it was definately worth more than what I paid for it. Can't wait to go heavy on my next leg day.All of my fellow Marine Lieutenants were at a loss for words when they saw the belt. Thanks again.

2nd Lt Abernathy



Just wanted to say that I received my belt about 3 days ago and it looks fantastic!!!Your guys/ladies did a great custom job and I plan on recommending Bob's Belts to all my power lifting crew in the gym. Thank You

Will McRay
Thanks again. You do fantastic work

Greg Delucch

Here is a picture of Robert Cortes (SEE BELOW) right after he set a 100% RAW World Deadliftrecord of 400.1 LBS @ 151LBS., at the young age of 78. It was also the firstsanctioned deadlift record ever set over the internet. He is shown here wearingone of the first belts Bob ever produced.(Backwards.) Robert used this same belt to compete years ago against such legends as R. D. Crain, and Mike Bridges.Robert once used this same belt in his younger days to pull a 540lb. deadlift at148lbs.

Both Sam Alduenda (another great IPF Master lifter), and Robert Cortes spoke so highly of Bob's belts that I had Bob custom build a belt for myself. Iam very happy with the belt I received, as there was very little break in timerequired due to the leather Bob used, and the belt fit perfect when tighten up.(Unlike most "off the shelf belts" that require some time to breakin.)

It is nice to know that in this day and age you can still find someone who is a true craftsman willing to provide a great product without the need to use a cheaper grade of leather, or have the "one size fits all" attitude. Ijust wish Bob was not such a well kept secret, as it would have saved me timeand money had I gone to Bob first, instead of buying numerous "off the shelf" belts in an attempt to find one that fit.Thank you again for a great product. I don't normally like giving endorsements, but I have no problem recommending Bob and the work he does.

Raymond Cavileer




Belt is beautiful, fits perfectly with room to spare on either end, not to mention being a true work of art.I have the best belt in the world!Just wait til I write my review.It was worth the wait in every way and I cannot recommend you highly enough. it!Thanks for the shirt too!


Timothy Carr

SEE VIDEO BELOW, Link to Review Comming Soon